What Is The Career Growth Of A Bank PO? Find Out More About Bank Jobs

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Why choose Bank Jobs as a career option?

Bank Jobs are considered by many amongst us as a good career option. This is probably because, apart from the prestige of holding a Government Job, Bank jobs have many other benefits such as impressive pay packages, job opportunities, excellent promotion policies, fewer working hours, great leave policies, stress-free environment, opportunity to work abroad, and sponsored travel within the country.

Considering the mentioned benefits, one would not be willing to leave the opportunity to choose Bank Jobs as a career option.

Bank PO Career and Promotions

Apart from the benefits mentioned above, Bank POs also have a quick career progression as compared to other industries. With a little bit of hard work and dedication, IBPS PO Salary can be almost doubled in just a few years.

Probationary Officer is a starting level post of any officer in a bank. As a Bank PO, you will probably spend a duration of two years on probation. It is also your training period where you will learn the fundamentals of the bank and different types of work required of a bank officer.

After completing your probation period, you will be subjected to a screening process. Based on your performance, the department will promote you to the next higher level of Middle Management Grade Scale II. And those Bank POs who do not perform well will be assigned as the Junior Management Grade Scale-I Officer.

Career Growth of a Bank PO

Bank provides vast opportunities for growth within the Bank as well as opportunities for postings abroad. The engaging promotion policy of a Govt Bank offers a chance to all the probationary officers to succeed in the highest Management Grade in a short duration.

Bank PO - What Is The Career Growth Of A Bank PO? Find Out More About Bank Jobs

Bank PO

Public sector banks have well-defined career options for all officers. But also, remember that your performance plays a significant role in career progression.

Most of the senior officers employed in Banks had started their banking career as a Junior Management Grade Scale-I Officer. Most Bank officers reach to the position of General Manager in a career span of 14 years. After that, they are either promoted to the position of Executive Director or Chairman of the Bank. These are the most high-scale positions in a bank. And the promotions would depend mostly on your performance and dedication to your work.

Opportunities to Work Abroad

In Public sector banks, you may also get a chance to work abroad. Many govt banks have their branches in several countries. Based on the requirements and vacancies in these branches, you may also be eligible for a foreign posting.

Since Bank Jobs are lucrative and have great perks, it is safe to say that if you are looking for a good job, then choosing a banking career would be the best decision.

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