5 Tips to Help you Focus on your Preperation for SSC CHSL 2017

Are you stressed? Worried about your examination? Can’t concentrate enough but have lots to study? Here are 5 simple tips that will help you focus on your studies and crack SSC CGL 2017! 


Often candidates forget about their health as the examination dates get closer. They become anxious and sit straight for more than 18 hours a day trying to memorise all the formulae, methods and topics. Well, we wish that would help but that does no good. Instead affects you mentally and physically. So, here are 5 simple tips that you must follow to live healthily and crack SSC CHSL 2017 with flying colours.

1.    Drink minimum 4 litres of water: Stay Hydrated, 80% of your body is made up of fluids; water helps you to stay hydrated. There is a theory stating- brain cells carry information more effectively if the body is well hydrated. A glass of water helps you to boost your metabolism and thus keeps you focused. Staying hydrated allows you to focus on your studies and learn more quickly than not staying hydrated. Here is a simple tip, drink a glass of water every 30 mins and learn all the smart tricks to solve questions in 30 sec and crack SSC CHSL 2017.



2.  Sleep vs no Sleep: This is a common mistake made by most SSC CHSL aspirants. The moment examination dates get closer, candidates starts studying late at night and don’t give enough rest to their body and brain. If you think, not sleeping will help you score higher in SSC CHSL then you are mistaken. Well, this might shock you, but a healthy sleep pattern plays an important role in your success. Sleep helps you recall your memory and notches up your ability to concentrate; it also helps your brain to store necessary memories. To give your best shot in SSC CHSL 2017, sleep for at least  8hrs a day and remember to have a proper sleep before the big day- the day of the SSC CHSL 2017.



3.    Take a Break: Sounds exciting right? Yes, exactly it is! Taking regular breaks between your study routine will help you stay fresh and alive. It will boost up your mood and relax your brain. You can take a walk outside, watch TV, listen to music, dance, cook, go for an hour to hangout with friends or do whatever interests you.Breaks help you to improve your optimum level of concentration by giving you the time to recover from the work you have put in. So, Crack SSC CHSL 2017 by adding some breaks to your study schedule.



4.    Avoid Junk Food:  Most of us have a habit of munching chips, nachos, or any deep fried food items that are harmful to health. Of course, you deserve a treat after putting in a lot of effort but more importantly, you need to eat what your brain needs, since what you eat impacts the functioning of your brain. So choose the right food. Eat nutritious food to fuel your body and brain. Select food such as nuts, seeds, yogurt and whole grains that help you to improve your concentration and memory. This year crack SSC CHSL 2017 by selecting your food right.



5.  Keep a check on Caffeine and Aerated Drinks:  It is commonly believed that drinking abnormally large amounts of coffee (4-5 cups) helps you concentrate and memorise more number of formulae. It does but at a cost of risking your life. Drinking abnormally large amounts of coffee helps you attain the concentration level for a period of time but puts your heart at serious risk. So, remember to not be too much dependent on caffeine for SSC CHSL 2017.



     Do follow these tips and crack SSC CHSL 2017.Stay healthy, stay focused!

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