What Exactly Does A Bank PO Do In A Bank? Read On To Find Out!

Bank Po

What is this huge hype about the Bank PO? Every 5th youth of the nation wants to be a Bank PO and prepares either for IBPS PO or SBI PO Exams. But many of us don’t know what a bank PO does or what his exact job profile is? Everybody wonders, just like you.

Here, in this post, we have discussed regular work or the job profile of a Bank PO to make it easy for you to know about a bank PO job profile and prepare you for IBPS PO Exam.

Who is a Bank PO?

A Bank PO, also known as a Probationary Officer, is an assistant manager who is under the probation period when he first joins the office. The probation period can be between 1- 2 years. Career growth for a Bank PO is immense but there is a lot of responsibilities and tasks attached to the job role as well.

As many of you might know, several MDs of the PSU Banks had started their careers as a Bank PO.

What are the responsibilities of a Bank PO?

A candidate who gets selected as a Bank PO undergoes training for the first phase of his employment and then he is posted in any branch of the bank. A Bank PO doesn’t have a specific job role. He is a multi-tasker who performs varied tasks.

Here is the list of responsibilities that a Bank PO has to undertake:

1. Customer Service: Customer comes first in any business, job or in a bank. For a business to grow and expand it has to assist and advise the customers regarding their various products. Similarly, for a Bank to grow and expand in the market it has to facilitate and inform the customers about their services. A Bank PO should serve its customer first. All the queries of a customer should be handled at the best by a Bank PO to help the business grow.

Tasks like, opening a new bank account, issuance of new debit/credit card, handling deposits, and loans, issue of a new chequebook, etc. are all a few examples of tasks that a Bank PO does on a regular basis.

2. Cash Handling: A bank is a place where a lot of cash transactions happen. The cash transactions happen on regular basis. Cash deposits and withdrawals are managed by the clerks but the times when the bank is heavily crowded or when a clerk is not present, then the Bank PO is supposed to handle the counter. If the bank is associated with ATM’s then a Bank PO has to maintain the ATM and load it every morning.

3. Advertising and Bringing in New Business: A very important responsibility of a Bank PO is to advertise and promote its new schemes to attract new customers and bring more business to the bank. As a Bank PO, you are supposed to go and meet clients to sell your services as public sector banks do not have marketing or sales executive. The products may be fixed deposits, mutual funds, credit cards, loans, insurance policies, etc.

4. Supervisor: A Bank PO is also a supervisor. He is supposed to manage and supervise the work done by the clerks and other people at the bank. Any difficulty faced by an employee at work should be taken care by the Bank PO. He is a supervisor and he sees to it that all the bank day-to-day activities are carried out properly.

5. Report Verification: Every employee has a day end task to perform. So does the Bank PO. A Bank PO, at the end of each day has to login with his account, take a print of the statement and manually check the statement and make the necessary changes that are to be made.

6. Payment Clearance: The task of clearing the payment is assigned to the clerks but they are supposed to take the clearance authorization from the Bank PO on an amount above the certain limit on the cheque, NEFT/RTGS, DD etc. They do help clerks to solve their problems which arise during the transactions.

7. Loan Processing: The most important and a risky function of a Bank PO is to provide loans to its customers. A Bank PO has to supervise all the documentation process before the loan is granted to the customer.

Though the job of a Bank PO seems lucrative, it is a job of many responsibilities. If you want to become a Bank PO, start your preparation with Talentsprint’s online program for Bank PO Exams where we help you achieve your dreams. Our program is an online based program where we give you access to the video lectures on various topics, e-books, live doubt clarification sessions, all India free mock session, and a variety of questions to practice.
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