3 R’s To Crack IBPS English Section in 2017

IBPS English

The IBPS English Section cannot be cracked easily. It involves regular practice and an edge over the common English language. However, English is not a rocket science, it’s not impossible to crack the section. You can do it by just following these simple tips while preparing for IBPS English Section and crack the IBPS English section in your first attempt.

In this post, we will discuss 3 tips that will help you to crack IBPS English Section. Every IBPS PO aspirant has one common question on his mind, “What material does IBPS rely on for preparing the English questionnaire?”

Find a few English questions below and the sources from which IBPS has picked them up from:

1. When the pace of growth for HDFC has slowed / 2) in the last two years, in line with /3) the overall trend in the sector, it has / 4) still managed to outpace industry / 5) No error.

Source 1. HDFC: Solid Foundation
Source 2: The Hindu Business Line – Money and Banking

The Cambridge historian Quentin Skinner A)/ suggested that before we judge words B)/ spoken in the past, we must know what C)/ they signified then D)/No error E)

Source: The Hindu – Before he became Mahatma

Investors are ____ on the release of a new smart phone later this year to return Apple phone to revenue growth in 2017.

a) Majoring      b) denying        c) fasting       d) banking

Source: Reuters – Business News

Many candidates are unsure of how to prepare for the English section for IBPS PO Exam. Everybody advises them to make reading a habit, however, they are still unclear on what material to read and the sources to refer for IBPS English Preparation for IBPS PO 2017.


#1 Tip: Read

Here is a list of sources that you can rely on while preparing for IBPS English section.

1. The Hindu/ Business line – Money and Banking
2. The Economic Times – Blogs
3. Times of India – Articles / The Times Group: e-paper
4. Economic times
5. Reuters – Business News
6. Financial Times – Blogs
7. The Telegraph (Kolkata based newspaper)
8. The fiscal Times – Business + Economy
9. Business Standard Editorials
10. Talentsprint Blog


#Tip 2: Recall

The second tip here states that one should be able to recall the information that he/she might have read or heard. You can recall the information if you pay attention.

It is mandatory for an IBPS PO aspirant to pay attention while preparing for IBPS English section or watching the news. If you are focused during the preparation, then it will become easier for you to recall the information quickly during the exam and crack the IBPS English section in 2017.


#Tip 3: Resolve

Every one of you will face difficulty in at least one topic or section. Identify your weakness and resolve to work harder with the focus on your weaknesses when preparing for IBPS English section.

You should practice the difficult questions from IBPS English section on daily basis. Make a schedule or a study plan for IBPS English and stick to it. This will help you to overcome your challenges and crack IBPS English section easily.

This table below might help you with your IBPS English Preparation:


IBPS English Section

Watch our expert faculty, Sylvia explain you in detail about the IBPS English Section.


Do write in the comment section below on how these tips have helped you prepare for IBPS PO Exam. Also, write in the comment section below if you need any guidance regarding the IBPS English Section.

As the IBPS PO Notification is released, Start your preparation now!


IBPS English Section
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