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Your Dream CTET Trainers

Saloni Gupta

Expert Trainer

Saloni is a passionate teacher. You can access her video lessons for CTET coaching. She has been designing curriculum since the last 6 years for pre-service and in-service teachers. She has also helped TalentSprint partner with universities and global organisations to design the best CTET curriculum for you. She firmly believes that no teacher should fail to qualify in the CTET exam.

Geetha Rani Borra

Expert Trainer

Geetha looks after the training team. Along with Saloni, she has recruited, trained and led few of the most passionate minds in education sector to develop and produce the CTET course. Geetha loves children and believes that qualifying in CTET is a great first step for passionate teachers to serve children well.

Sarmishtha Mitra

Expert Trainer

It won't take you much time to remember Sarmishtha's cheerful voice once you hear it. She speaks in the way that infuses happiness in the video lessons. Along with that, some of quirky ideas in the CTET programs are Sarmistha's. Once you sign-up, try spotting them. She believes that great teachers have power to build better India so her passion for CTET shines through in all the videos.

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