Different components in CTET program  from TalentSprint

Videos: Comprises of the clear explanation of all the pedagogy with related previous year questions and their explanations.

Keywords: List of important vocabulary one needs to understand to clear CTET.

Puzzles:A fun activity that helps to retain keywords for a longer time.

CFU: A small test at the end of each lesson to help you self-assess learning from that particular lesson.

Topic assessment : Self-assessment provided at the end of each topic.

Section Test: Self-assessment provided at the end of Subject/ Language.

Mock Test: Weekly full-length CTET test that you shadow your readiness for the examination.

Live classes: Live explanation of various topics by expert trainers of TalentSprint.

Discussion forum: For students to interact with CTET applicants all around the nation sharing your knowledge and ideas.

Progress tracker: To track your performance which enables you to reflect on your performance, preparation, growth from the day you started taking the Course.

Content : Solved questions from content part of every Subject/Language from all the previous year papers.

Know in detail about the components of the program

What are the integral parts of each video lesson?

Every video lesson is comprised of 5 parts.

1. Lesson map

2. Objectives and Keywords

3. Subject video

4. Check for understanding questions

5. Puzzle

What is a National level mock test?

This is a privilege exclusively offered to the Subscribers of TalentSprint's CTET program (both free customers and the paid customers). Every week they get an opportunity to give a full-length mock CTET exam and will get to know not only their performance but also their relative position among their peers.  

What is a Section test?

After completing each and every subject TalentSprint's customers get an opportunity to take a test localized to only that particular subject and evaluate their learnings.

What is a Topic Assessment?

Topic assessment is a test dedicated that particular topic which will be provided at the end of each and every topic in each and every subject.

What is a LIVE Class?

Every week customers of TalentSprint have an opportunity to get their doubts cleared. The live class is a medium through which you can attend a live lecture of one of TalentSprint Expert trainees.

What is Discussion Forum?

A discussion forum is a place of communication. It allows you to communicate with the trainers and also other CTET aspirants.

What are CTET Study Materials/Textbooks?

This is the facility for all the people who are comfortable reading the every lesson. This consists notes of all the lessons covered through videos.