Reason behind our methodologies

Why do you need Keywords?

This is to remember important vocabulary and understand meanings of difficult words in every lesson.

Why do you need puzzles?

Puzzles are intended to make keyword learning more fun. This will also help them to retain keywords in their memory longer

Why do we have to give Topic Assessments?

It is solely intended to serve the purpose of self-assessment. This helps you understand how well are you prepared on each topic.

Benefits of giving Mock test every week?

The Mock test is your opportunity to attempt to a CTET exam at a national level before actually having to attend it. It gives you an idea about the level of your preparation, allowing you to reflect on your areas of strength as well as weakness.

What are the benefits of getting digital training for CTET?

Comfort, Convenience, conserving

It gives you the comfort of listening to a lecture any number of times till you can finally master it.

Preparation completely relies on when and where do you want to do it.

And finally, it conserves a lot of time and energy that is spent on the commute to program  centers.