TalentSprint program FAQs

FAQs regarding the preparations

What is the tenure of CTET program  in TalentSprint?

This is one more time where you can make the choice. It can be 3, or 12-month plan depending on your requirement.

How can I get TalentSprint's CTET program,  if I don't have internet access in my house?

You can get the same program  through a pen drive which will be mailed to Customers with internet issues. For more details contact us.

When will I get the the results of the tests?

You can get the result of Mock test in next week while as for all the remaining you can have it as soon as you complete the test.

Where can I find my tests results?

You can find the result of all assessments and test in the progress page.

(* attach the video of the progress)

Till when will be my result saved?

Your results will be saved as long as your training is going on.

Doubts clarification in CTET digital program

You can post in either in the discussion forum or in the chat box.

(* attach the discussion forum video in here)

How to enter discussion forum?

Paper 1 Subjects -> Math PEDAGOGICAL ISSUES -> Discussion

How to enter live class?


How to enter mock test page?

Paper 1 Subjects -> FULL-LENGTH MOCK PAPER I

Where to find the schedule of live classes in advance?

In Quick Links -> CTET Live Classes

How to enter progress/result page?

Paper 1 Subjects -> Math PEDAGOGICAL ISSUES -> Progress

Where can I find CTET Study Material/Text books?

Paper 1 Subjects -> Math PEDAGOGICAL ISSUES -> Math Pedagogy

How much time do you need to complete the course?

According to the opinion of our expert trainers, one should be able to complete the course in 2 months.

But, depending on the various factors like learning speed, time spent on learning every day, etc., it varies from person to person.

So, finally, it depends on the particular person.