"I have scored 24/30 marks in Child Development and Pedagogy and qualified CTET."

Subbarao Pala, Qualified CTET 2016
TalentSprint Trainee

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Subbarao Pala Qualified CTET 2016

All the concepts of CDP are clearly explained using various examples which made it very easy to understand the concepts. I have scored 24/30 marks in child development and pedagogy and qualified CTET.

Jyoti Rawal Qualified CTET 2016

The videos are fast and efficient. As I am a housewife, I sometimes look at the videos while cooking and I am still able to remember what was taught. LIVE Sessions are pretty awesome. Ebooks/Notes help in better learning and reinforce what is taught in the videos.

Laxmi Narayan Dalai

The video lectures are completely in accordance with the CTET exam. The TalentSprint team is very cooperative and helpful. In my last attempt I used to guess the answer in CTET but after enrolling in TalentSprint's program, I have learnt how to approach the question and then attempt it.

Sirisha GarapatiOakridge International

I love the program. It is a very interesting & thought provoking program. Really, Really appreciate all the wonderful & great instructors for being so supportive.