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CTET Exam Prep Paper I

Topics Video Lessons
Concepts of Development and Growth 02
Principles of Development 02
Heredity and Environment 01
Socialization 02
Concepts of Child Centered and progressive education 02
Topics Video Lessons
Piaget's Theory 06
Vygotsky's Theory 03
Kohlberg's Theory 04
Critical Perspectives on Three Theories 01
Topics Video Lessons
Critical Perspectives of Construct of Intelligence 02
Multidimensional Intelligence 02
Language and Thought 05
Topics Video Lessons
Gender as a Social Construct 01
Individual Difference Among Learners 02
Topics Video Lessons
CCE 03
Formulating Questions 02
Topics Video Lessons
Addressing Disadvantaged and Deprived Learners 02
Addressing Children with Learning Disability 05
Addressing Gifted Talented and Creatively 02
Topics Video Lessons
Basic Process of Teaching and Learning 02
Child as a problem solver 03
How Children Think and Learn 02
Understanding Errors and Misconceptions 02
Topics Video Lessons
Cognition and Emotion 05
Motivation and Learning 03
Topics Video Lessons
Learning & Acquisition 06
Principles of Teaching Language 03
Critical perspective on the role of grammar 01
Challenges of teaching 02
Language Skills 10
Teaching- learning materials 02
Remedial Teaching 01
Topics Video Lessons
Nature of Mathematics/ Logical thinking 05
Place of Mathematics in Curriculum 05
Language of Mathematics 03
Community Mathematics 01
Assessments and Evaluation 02
Problems of Teaching 01
Error analysis 01
Diagnostic and Remedial Teaching 02
Topics Video Lessons
Concept and scope of EVS 02
Significance of EVS, integrated EVS 01
Learning Principles 02
Approaches of presenting concepts 02
Activities & Experimentation/Practical Work 01
CCE 04
Teaching material/Aids 01
Evaluation 02
Topics Video Lessons
Reading Passage 04
Reading Poem 03
Topics Video Lessons
Shelter 01
Animals 02
Plants 02
Food 03
Water 02
Travel 03
Things We Make and Do Videos 03
Miscellaneous_questions 02
Topics Video Lessons
Addition and Subtraction 01
Data Handling 01
Measurements 01
Money 01
Multiplication 01
Division 02
Pattern 01
Shapes Around Us 01
Solids Around Us 01
Geometry 01
Time 01
Volume 01
Weight 01
Number1 04


Saloni Gupta

Saloni is a passionate teacher. You can access her video lessons for CTET coaching. She has been designing curriculum since the last 6 years for pre-service and in-service teachers. She has also helped TalentSprint partner with universities and global organisations to design the best CTET curriculum for you. She firmly believes that no teacher should fail to qualify in the CTET exam.

Geetha Borra

Geetha looks after the training team. Along with Saloni, she has recruited, trained and led few of the most passionate minds in education sector to develop and produce the CTET course. Geetha worked as a teacher in an under-privilaged area for few years. She loves children and believes that a good teacher is a combination of knowledge, passion and grit.

Sarmistha Mitra

It won't take you much time to remember Sarmistha's cheerful voice once you hear it. She speaks in the way that infuses happiness in the video lessons. Along with that, some of quirky ideas in the CTET programs are Sarmistha's. Once you sign-up, try spotting them. She believes that great teachers have power to build better India so her passion for CTET shines through in all the videos.

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5 I cleared my CTET exam!

All the concepts of CDP are clearly explained using various examples which made it very easy to understand the concepts. I have scored 24/30 marks in child development and pedagogy and qualified CTET.

Subba Rao Pala CTET 2016

4.4 I could learn the concepts easily

The videos are fast and efficient. As I am a housewife, I sometimes look at the videos while cooking and I am still able to remember what was taught. LIVE Sessions are pretty awesome. Ebooks/Notes help in better learning and reinforce what is taught in the videos.

Jyoti Rawal CTET 2016

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