Lateral -
Custom Skills

TalentSprint can support companies to meet their talent supply needs of experienced lateral hires. TalentSprint has a unique model to create and deploy talent to meet the needs of various companies from large organizations with presence in multiple locations to micro and small companies. TalentSprint's recruitment solutions help the companies significantly reduce costs while at the same time improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the process. More than 200 companies have utilized these solutions to meet their talent requirements.

Custom Skill Development

Companies are increasingly looking for customized talent at all levels. TalentSprint has a fully owned subsidiary which is focused on providing IT services to various customers in the areas of custom software development, system integration, independent testing and related areas. This subsidiary works with more than 50 customers across industry verticals like Banking, Financial services, Insurance, Retail and Media. TalentSprint has a unique ability whereby it can leverage this subsidiary to customize lateral talent by rotating them through this subsidiary and providing them with specific training and experience in technology and business domain. For instance, if a company wants an enterprise architect skilled in insurance, TalentSprint can hire a professional from the external market and provide them with an exposure of working with an insurance client – thereby making them uniquely qualified for a customer who is looking for that specific skill set. This subsidiary also maintains a pool of experience professionals who can be deployed just-in-time based on customer requirements.

Deployment Model

TalentSprint offers flexible models of deployment which can be customized to meet company requirements:

  • Contract deployment: TalentSprint can offer professionals for short-term contract based deployment. TalentSprint will manage the payroll and take care of all statutory-obligations for the professionals being contracted to the customer organizations.
  • Contract to hire: TalentSprint also offers the companies opportunity to convert contract professionals to full time employees based on mutually agreement.