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Data Science for Managers

Ideal for Managers, Delivery Leaders, Consultants, and Business Analysts

  • Data Science LocationOnly at Hyderabad
  • Data Science Duration 18 Weekends
  • Data Science BatchBatch Starting in April 2018

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Data Science technology
"Data Analytics Jobs Expected to Double in 2018"
~ The Hindu Business Line

Whoever unlocks the reams of data and uses it strategically will win.

~ Angela Ahrendts, Apple

As a professional working in the industry you are already a data scientist, whether you are designated as such or not. Extracting critical insights from a massive amount of data to take an informed decision will no longer be the domain of IT department. It will pervade across Marketing, Sales, Manufacturing, Finance, Human Resource and every other function in the business which is called upon to add value to business.

As a manager who is keen to contribute and grow, your ability to provide such insights from the data will differentiate you from other managers and thus drive your growth. Learn the fundamentals of data science and also the cutting edge tools and applications that will help you unlock the data to reveal new insights and opportunities for you.

  • blockchain technology in finance

    The big technology trend is to make systems intelligent and data is the raw material.

    ~ Amod Malviya, CTO, Flipkart

  • fintech

    The world is now awash in data and we can see consumers in a lot clearer ways.

    ~ Max Levchin, Co-Founder, PayPal

  • financial technology

    Data is the new science. Big data holds the answers.

    ~ Pat Gelsinger, CEO, VMware

  • financial technology services

    Without big data, companies are blind and deaf, wandering out onto the web like deer on a freeway.

    ~ Geoffrey Moore, American organizational theorist

  • p2p lending

    Data is the Next Intel Inside.

    ~ Tim O’Reilly, Founder, O'Reilly Media

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    In the next 10 years, data science and software will do more for medicine than all of the biological sciences together.

    ~ Vinod Khosla, American-Indian engineer

Data Science as a discipline is now an evolving feature in every organisation. Be it Predicting Lifetime Value (LTV), Demand Forecasting, Credit Risk Evaluation, Talent Management, Prescription Compliance of Patients, Detecting Credit Card Fraud, Location of New Stores or Claims Prediction in Insurance, Virtually every Industry and every Management function uses Data Science.

The Data Science for Managers helps professionals in every field, Financial, Marketing, Retail, Security, Pharma et al, to leverage Predictive Statistics and Machine Learning Toolchain to solve real business problems.

Program Coverage

Leverage Predictive Statistics and Machine Learning Toolchain to solve real business problems


  • Overview of Data Science

  • Data Science Life Cycle

  • Introduction to Python | Jupyter

  • Statistics with Python | Scipy.stats

  • Data Management and Visualization | Python with Pandas/Matplotlib

  • Introduction to Machine Learning | Scikit.learn


Statistical Models

  • Clinical Research | Hypothesis Testing

  • Measuring Advertising Effectiveness | ANOVA

  • Marketing Mix Modelling | Regression

  • Consumer Psychographics | PCA

  • Churn Prediction | Logistic Regression

  • Forecasting | Time Series Analysis

Predictive Model Design and Interpretation

Machine Learning Models

  • Customer Segmentation | K Means

  • Credit Rating, Churn Prediction, Attrition Management

  • Sentiment Analysis | Social Media Analytics

  • Recommendation Systems | Association Rules/Market Basket

  • Stock Market Prediction | ANN

  • Intrusion Detection | Spark

Data Mining Tools

  • fintech programme Only at Hyderabad
  • fintech course 18 Weekends
  • fintech coaching Batch Starting in April 2018

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Who should joinblockchain technology in finance
  • Managers with minimum 5 years experience in any industry
  • Professionals keen to use Data Science for decision making
  • Professionals in managerial roles or aspiring to be in managerial roles
  • Team leads in Data Science Projects keen to make the most of the available data for their projects
What you will getfinancial technology services
  • First of its kind program for Managers
  • Become an expert in using Data Science Toolchain
  • Learn to unlock the value of data in real life management decisions
  • Get Praxis-TalentSprint Certification
  • Get your profiles shared with leading recruiters
Women Professional Scholarship Women Professionals Scholarship
To improve the gender ratio in the IT industry, we encourage more women to enroll for the course through this Scholarship. All you need to do is specify this Scholarship Preference in your Application details.
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For all Corporate and Group Enquiries, please call Bharati @ +91 99531-51727

How do you join?

You can apply for this Program only on this website. There are limited seats for this batch and selection is based on review of your application and telephone interview.

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Learn with the best

Dr. Prithwis Mukerjee
Program Director

He is listed as one of the 10 prominent analytics academicians in India


Charanpreet Singh
Lead Faculty

Has spent two decades in the corporate world in areas as diverse as Cryogenics


Asokan Pichai
Lead Faculty

Asokan heads Learning and Development and teaches Problem Solving Techniques


Jaydip Sen


Has close to 2 decades of industry and 5 years of teaching experience.


Prasenjit Das Purkayastha


Has been one of the most prominent market researchers of the country in the last decade


Subhasis Dasgupta


Has worked in the industry for 4 years in Planning and Operations at HPCL


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