Fast Track IT Placement

Clearing AMCAT, Versant and Mettl will put you ahead of the queue in the employers' selection process. Tia, our unique Test Improvement Advisor, will guide you with a diagnostic report and follow up with regular re-assessments and personalized study plans. This program is the fastest way to get into TalentSprint's Developer Placement Network.

Fast Track IT Placement | Developer

In sync with Placement Processes

Structured sessions by Mentors

3 months Placement Access

700+ IT Recruiters, 3 drives/day

Weekly Mock Tests

Personalized Learning Plan by Tia

About the Program

What will you learn How will you get a job
The complete range of technical, aptitude and communication topics in videos by master trainers. Measure where you stand in these areas by writing all-India Mock Test in all three.
Weekly sessions by master trainers to clear doubts and cover advanced techniques and special tips. Get personalised study plan for a week from Tia, based on your mock test performance.
Coaching and mentoring in the class by mentors in technical, aptitude & communication. Verify your learning via in depth tests in those topics assigned by Tia.
Special sessions on how to prepare your resume. Practice every week with more all India Mock Tests.
Special sessions on how to correctly handle frequently asked questions in tech and HR interviews. Practice taking tests that are based on MNC company pattern.


Aptitude Coverage

Before you can showcase your technical skills all companies put you through an aptitude test. Many otherwise good students get filtered here. We prepare you to clear this first step to an IT career!

Quantitative Ability

  • Numerical Ability
  • Arithmetic Ability
  • Pure Mathematics
  • Data interpretation and Analysis

Verbal Ability

  • Jumbles
  • Comprehension
  • Vocabulary
  • Finding Errors

Reasoning Ability

  • General Reasoning
  • Logical Reasoning
  • Non-Verbal Reasoning
  • Critical Reasoning

Communication Coverage

Did you know that majority of people are rejected at the interview because they cannot put their thoughts in reasonably good English? You will overcome this problem by strengthening your weak spots in spoken and written English.

Business English

  • Expositions and Discussions
  • Presentations
  • Writing Skills

Remedial English

  • Delightful descriptions
  • Meaningful links
  • Matching blocks
  • Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
  • Questions and Expressions

Industry Orientation

  • How to start your IT Career
  • Personality Inventory
  • Facing IT Company Interviews– Tech & HR
  • Company-specific Refreshers

Technical Coverage

  • C Programming
  • Data Structures
  • Core Java

Weekly All-India Mock Tests

Every week we conduct practice tests for all students in Aptitude, Communication and Technology. We also conduct tests in company-specific patterns. By taking them regularly you will be better prepared for success in the recruitment process.

  • Aptitude Tests based on AMCAT, CoCubes, eLitmus
  • MNC IT Company Pattern Tests
  • Coding Tests based on Mettl, HackerEarth
  • English Proficiency Tests based on Versant

Personalised Coaching and Feedback

Writing practice tests is the first part. Our unique bot Tia, makes for highly efficient and effective preparation, by helping you see the specific strengths and weaknesses and designing a customised plan for you! Follow Tia’s plan and you will be on a sure footed path to your job.

How does Tia help?

  1. Map your major strengths and weakness
  2. Match your scores in comparison to peers
  3. Help you in smartly managing your time and speed
  4. Recommend a weekly learning plan
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On average more than 2 placement drives happening every working day! There is no limit to the number of interviews you can attend till you get an offer.
The number of students writing test varies week to week. On an average, 1000+ students write our weekly tests from all parts of India.