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Crack your SSC exams using the most trusted and comprehensive program. Our structured classroom programs at test preparation centers will help you get competition ready.

In addition get online access to over 1200+ video lessons, 3 weekly live classes and Weekly All India Mock Tests benchmarking yourselves with nation-wide competition.

SSC Exam Prep

3 months classroom program

Comprehensive syllabus

Access to top faculty

Online tests in real exam interface

Personalised learning plan by Tia™


(Online access worth Rs. 9000/- free)

About the Program

What will you learn How will you crack the exam?
The complete range of topics from Quantitative Aptitude, General Intelligence and Reasoning , English Comprehension, and General Awareness through videos by master trainers. Measure where you stand in these areas by writing all-India Mock Test in SSC exam pattern.
Weekly sessions by master trainers to clear doubts and cover advanced techniques and special tips. Get personalised study plan for a week from Tia™, based on your mock test performance.
Mentoring in the class by program coordinators supported by peer learning with your batchmates. Verify your learning via in depth tests in those topics assigned by Tia™.
Special sessions on preparation strategy and exam strategy.. Practice every week with more all India Mock Tests.
Special sessions on how to correctly handle frequently asked questions interviews. Practice taking tests that are based on SSC exam pattern.


Quantitative Aptitude

Numerical Ability

  • Speed Maths, Approximations, Simplifications, Number Systems, LCM and HCF, Number series, Equations

Arithmetic Ability

  • Averages, Percentages, Profit and loss, Simple and Compound Interest, Ratio and Proportion, Alligation and Mixtures, Ages, Partnerships, Time and Work, Pipes and Cisterns, Time and Distance, Boats and Streams, Calendars

Pure Mathematics

  • Mensuration, Permutations and Combinations, Probability, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Heights and Distances, Surds and Indices

Data Interpretation and Analysis

  • Data Interpretation, Set Theory, Caselets, Data sufficiency

General Intelligence and Reasoning

General Reasoning

  • Coding and Decoding, Ranking, Element Series, Directions, Alphabet, Mathematical Operations, Miscellaneous Examples

Logical Reasoning

  • Circular Arrangements, Linear Arrangements, Complex Assignments, Blood Relations, Coded Inequalities, Syllogisms, Logical Series, Analogy, Classification, Letter Series

Non-Verbal Reasoning

  • Cubes, Dice, Figure Series, Mirror Images, Water Images, Paper Folding, Paper Cutting, Figure Completion, Embedded Figures, Venn Diagram

Critical Reasoning

  • Statements, Assumptions, Arguments, Conclusions, Cause and Effect, Course of Action

English Comprehension

Fill in the Blanks

  • Single Blank, Double Blanks, Fill in the Blanks Made Easy


  • Para Jumbles, Sentence Jumbles, Jumbles Made Easy


  • Passage Completion, Story Based Passage, Article Based Passage, Short Passage, Cloze Passage, Theme Detection, Comprehension Made Easy


  • Kickstart Pack - 4 Key Concepts, Synonyms & Antonyms, Idioms & Phrases, One word Substitutions, Vocabulary Made Easy, Idioms & Phrases and collocations List, 30 Days to Master Vocabulary

Finding Errors

  • Error Types (1-21), Finding errors made easy, Sentence Improvement

Descriptive Paper

  • Essay Writing, Letter Writing

English Grammar

  • Parts of Speech, Nouns, Pronouns, Verbs and Tenses, Active and Passive, Infinitive, Participle, Gerund, Auxiliaries, Transitive and Intransitive, Adverbs, Adjectives, Degree of Comparison, Prepositions, Conjunctions, Phrase and Clause, Clause Analysis, Articles, Question Tags, Subject Verb Agreement, Direct And Indirect Speech

General Awareness and Current Affairs


  • Agriculture, Banking, Budget 2017, Exports, Facts, Food Security, Insurance, Land Reforms, Marketing, Oil and Gas, Ports, Power Industries, Railways, Urban and Rural Market


  • Historical Background, Features of Constitution, Preamble, Union and Its Territories, Citizenship, Fundamental Rights, Directive Principles of State Policy, Fundamental Duties, Central Govt, Parliament, State Govt., Center-State Relations, Union Territories, Constitutional Bodies, Right to Information, Important Articles


  • Pre-History, Indus Valley Civilization, Vedic Period, Mahajanapadas, Buddhism, Jainism, Mouryan Empire, The Sungas, Gupta Empire, Other Dynasties of Ancient India, Sources Literature and Science, Muslim Invasions, Delhi Sultanate, Religious Movements, Vijaynagar Kingdom, Mughal Emperors, 1857 Revolt, Queen's Proclamation, The Indian National Congress (INC), Muslim League, Home Rule, Khilafat Movement, Simon Commission, Purna Swaraj and Salt March, 1935 Act, Freedom Movements, INA and Independence Act, Events


  • Geographical location, Physiography of India, Lakes and Islands, Rivers, Climate, Soils and Rainfall, Agriculture and Crops, Minerals in India, Industries, Transport, Cities and Towns, Population, World Geo Facts


  • Biomolecules, Blood, Cell, Cloning, Diversity, Genetic Disorder, Genetic Engineering, Genetics, Nutrition, Stem Cells, Vaccines


  • Ceramics, Common Substances, Electrolytes, Elements, Environmental Chemistry, Explosives, Fertilizers and Pesticides, Medicinal Chemistry, Polymers, Propellants, Radioactivity, Soaps and Detergents


  • Basic Laws, Electricity, Heat, Magnetism, Non-invasive Imaging, Nuclear Physics, Optics, Particle Physics, Pressure and Gravity, Waves


  • Important Days, Important Head-Quarters, Countries, Capital and Currency, Famous Books or Plays, Nobel Prize Recipient, Sports and Trophies, Various Sciences, Biodiversity

Weekly All-India Mock Tests

Every week we conduct practice tests for all students in Aptitude, Communication and Technology. We also conduct tests in company-specific patterns. By taking them regularly you will be better prepared for success in the recruitment process.

Personalised Coaching and Feedback

Writing practice tests is the first part. Our unique bot Tia™, makes for highly efficient and effective preparation, by helping you see the specific strengths and weaknesses and designing a customised plan for you! Follow Tia’s plan and you will be on a sure footed path to your job.

How does Tia™ help?

  1. Map your major strengths and weakness
  2. Match your scores in comparison to peers
  3. Help you in smartly managing your time and speed
  4. Recommend a weekly learning plan
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You can learn with topic-level videos guided by workbooks. Click here to watch an explainer video.
You can get your doubts clarified by simply posting your questions in the discussion forum. These questions will be answered either in the forum or taken up by the expert faculty in the LIVE Problem Solving sessions. Click here to watch an explainer video.
Topic Tests, Subject Tests and Full-length Tests in the exam formats are available for your through practice at different levels. In addition to these, All India Mock (AIM) exams are conducted on weekends to benchmark your performance vis-a-vis others who are using our online platform. Click here to watch an explainer video.
Follow these steps to take mock tests:
I. Click on Mock Tests in the QuickLinks (top-right) of your dashboard.
II. Click on Subject Test/Full-Length Test tab to get the list of tests available.
III. Choose the test you wish to take and click Take Test to start.
Yes. In addition to the video library along with work books, and mock tests, you will have access to downloadable material (pdfs) for reference and additional practice. Click here to watch an explainer video.
Discussion forums are very useful to interact with your fellow-students and get your doubts clarified. You can also showcase your knowledge by helping others who have posted their queries in the discussion forums. Remember, helping others by explaining the solutions to their questions will make your smarter. So make the most out of the discussion forum. Click here to watch an explainer video.
In the dashboard of your TalentSprint account, you will find some QuickLinks on the right side which gives you an easy access to the Mock Tests, Notifications on exams and results, Events Calendar for the schedule of LIVE sessions and AIMs, etc. Click here to watch an explainer video.
All the LIVE sessions (Problem Solving or Exam Refreshers or Current Affairs) are added to your TalentSprint account in one working day. Follow these steps to see the recorded archives of LIVE sessions that you have missed:
I. Click on course (Quantitative Aptitude/Reasoning/English/General Awareness/Current Affairs) in which you have missed a LIVE session.
II. Go to the courseware.
III. Click on LIVE Sessions - Doubts Clarification for missed Problem Solving sessions and click on LIVE Sessions - Exam Refreshers for missed Refresher sessions.
IV. Look for the recorded archive of missed Problem Solving sessions by date and the recorded archive of missed Refresher sessions by exam name.
Yes. We send SMS reminders to your registered mobile number for all the Problem Solving and Exam Refresher LIVE sessions, as well as the All India Mock (AIM) exams.
Yes. If you have changed your mobile number, you can update it yourself using the Update Mobile Number link which is available in the drop-down list beside your name (top-right) in our online platform.
There could be two reasons for not getting the SMS reminders:
1. Your mobile number registered with us is incorrect. In this case, please follow the steps given under question (i) and update your mobile number.
2. You have registered yourself for Do-Not-Disturb (DND) service. You will have to contact your service provider to remove your number from their DND list.
Ideally, there should not be any problem with the picture/video quality during the LIVE session if you have a proper and stable internet connection. However, if you find the video to be unclear or hazy, please use the settings button available at the bottom-right of the video screen to optimize the picture quality based on your internet bandwidth.

3. Related to Support and System Requirements:

Yes! you can always reach our helpdesk @
We recommend that you use latest version of Chrome Browser to access the content
Any Laptop/Desktop with dual core/Core2Duo, 2GB RAM, VGA supporting 1024x768 (min) and a decent broadband connection is required.
Yes, you can log in to the online preparation course from any internet-connected computer/device.
No. These videos are proprietary in nature, and access is given for watching online only. These video lessons cannot be downloaded. Moreover, it is not just self-paced videos that form the preparation; the assessment video lessons, questions and online implementation of the learning are also an integral part of the preparation.